Step-by-Step Jewelry Making Idea: From Vision To Masterpiece

zaney pink, a wire sculpture, part of the Zaney Chics series, created from a jewelry making ideaWhoever said jewelry making design ideas come from mistakes and unbelievable places hit the nail on the head.  Step-by-Step Jewelry Making Idea – From Vision To Masterpiece” says it all!   Our Zaney Chics happened as an extension of our wire figurines which grew smaller and became pendants.  Add in wire, beads, gemstones, ribbon, metal and more and voila Zaney Chics.  

There really is an evolution to design!

As jewelry designers, we often have to think outside the box.  One of our favorite things is designing with wire as jewelry making material as it gives us the chance to express ourselves.

Now we have moved further outside the box by combining knitted wire and chain into our designs with our chics.

Zaney Chics™ wire figurines are wearing knitted wire pieces, chain necklaces,have wired hair and are wonderful.

“Learning from these ladies has been a great experience. They are talented and fun to be around!” ~Maria

Zaney Pink – Our First Jewelry Making Idea Wire Figurine – Birth of the Zaney Chics™ Brand

Design has many meanings and we try to apply them to jewelry making.  

Good designers notice things about their methods, themselves and their materials.  

“The kit and video were perfect! Now I am ready to try more!” ~Beverly P

We have found that good design comes with practice, patience, humor and TIME.

Lady In Green Zaney Chics™ Wire Figurine

New Designs for Our Jewelry Making Idea

When it comes to new jewelry designs we also need to consider how this fits with our other works.  

Fortunately, Zaney Chics™ and our jewelry making designs
complement one another with materials used.

How Much Effort Do We Put Into Our First Creation?

Another consideration is…how much do we create at first.  

You know… the ole test market. How much is too much and when is enough, enough.

Don’t go overboard even though you may think this is FANTASTIC, jewelry designs are not just for you, but for your clients.  

So, take YOU out of that picture.

How About Balance?

Balance is another consideration.  

The new jewelry item is such fun and gives you flexibility, and free expression, and yet, you have other jewelry designs to think about.  

So, think about time management don’t forget about the jewelry that continues to earn $$$$$.  


“WOW! I never thought I could make jewelry with wire, let alone chain. I can’t wait to take more classes!” ~Deb N

What’s Next?

Next, is where do we go from here with our jewelry making idea?  There should always be a new next.

Isn’t that what keeps us going… 

trends, fashion, new ideas and so on…

PS: we wrote about the jewelry making trends in 2017 for you!

Don’t forget as jewelry making designers we need to be aware of what is around us…our surroundings, resources, magazines, newspapers and what really inspires us.

It all has to come together and somehow we do it!

Being organized is one of the most important things to remember.

If you could see my desk you would wonder how that can be said!  When not organized I am not creative, so I stop and straighten up, take a deep breath and allow the creative soul to return.

An even larger part of organization is doing things in the correct order- step by step.

  • Something I have learned is to sketch, gather all needed materials, measure, take notes step by step as you work,  
  • Then let that new creation sit there for a while.  
  • Revisit and make any changes you want.  
  • Very often I find that I have actually made two jewelry designs just by doing a little tweaking.

Sadie Sadie Married Lady Zaney Chics™ Figurine

Sketching Your Jewelry Making Idea

When a thought about a design for my jewelry making idea comes into my mind, I sketch it out roughly and write something about it.

  • Color,
  • Wire,
  • Tools

all start shouting!  

Funny thing is I always go back to that sketch and add more or add changes.  It stays with me throughout my process.

“After learning from Betty and Marla, I really think I am an artist. They make learning fun and easy!” ~Hillary R

Jewelry Making Idea Materials

Everything that might be needed for this project is set out in front of me. 

I write everything down

  • Tools,
  • Materials,
  • Beads,
  • Closures

and I mean everything.  

If this becomes a jewelry making teaching kit or a jewelry on line class I am well prepared.


When designing jewelry kits and jewelry masterpieces its really important to measure – how much of this or that.  

For custom orders or for product knowledge in general always know the measures and added details!

Pink Flight Zaney Chics™ Wire Figurine

Take Notes

Once the above are completed write notes as you do each step from the vision of your jewelry making idea to creating a masterpiece.  

How many times have you tried to repeat something and cannot get it right.  

Guilty- and what a hard lesson to learn.

Step by step directions will save you from screaming and will give you great results! Well, as you can see really are no secrets to success, just common sense.  Even though we may get lost at times, we know what to do and we do it!

Zaney Chics™ have been a journey of love, fun and sometimes chaos, but they are here and are always evolving in new ways.  

“Great classes with good instructions. The video lessons are easy to follow. Its like we are in
the same room.” ~Jess N

Looking back at our sketches and notes we now laugh and then think of new ways to make our chics ZANEY!

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