Artfully Your Creations Jewelry is a culmination of unique crochet wire necklaces, wire creations (pendant necklaces, bracelets, earrings ),  artisan metal cuffs, chain, beading and Zaney Chic figurines.  All of the designs flow as patterns to create a collection of one of a kind pieces and Betty and Marla keep their pulse on fashion and bring an “au courant” feel to all creations.

magazine cover, displaying jewelry making trends 2017While living in California, Betty had the pleasure of being an exhibitor at many art shows in Southern California and across the United States.  Her exhibits are colorful, yet have a sophisticated and classic appeal and have always garnered compliments from clients.

chain knitted bracelet with stone closureBetty was awarded the opportunity to display several of her jewelry pieces in “The Best of American Jewelry Artists” alongside some of the most prestigious jewelry artist in the world.

For Marla, Artfully Your Creations has become a part of her life over the past year and a half. She has been fascinated by what her hands and mind could achieve from the time  Marla was six years old.  She was taught how to knit and crochet by her very talented mother and once she got started their was no stopping her.

Designing her own stitch patterns and finished pieces gave her the greatest inner feeling of pure happiness ever.

Today Marla has taken her knitting and crocheting stitches on a whole new journey.

Now she is knitting and crocheting with wire and chain to create some of the most stunning one of a kind pieces of jewelry.

We Will Take You On Our Journey From Jewelry Making Ideas to Creating One-Of-A-Kind Jewelry Masterpieces

We are ecstatic and cannot wait to share our passion, joy and creativity with you!

235c8639af7947c589657d8da438c890Because we know YOU WILL LOVE creating your own beautiful and artistic masterpiece by letting us inspire and guide you through all the steps of thrills, goosebumps, excitement, AND accomplishments.

You will be able to hop on our creative train that will take you through many jewelry designing and making journeys!

We want you to experience the overwhelming joy that you will get by being able to create  with your hands, mind, soul and spirit something so amazing as YOUR own jewelry creation.

Peace, Love & Laughter,

Betty & Marla


“Working with our hands and mind has made us realize how important it is to be creative with a hobby that inspires us and keeps us growing daily.  

Today our work is in a beautiful gallery in Palm Beach Florida and we are traveling all over so that we can teach others how to flourish into learning how to create and become their very own artisan.” ~ Betty & Marla