Betty has been working and learning wire jewelry making art techniques for several years. Many educational courses and teachers helped her to hone her skills, creativity and passion to learn how tot make wire jewelry. As her skill advanced, Betty’s custom handmade jewelry creations have been featured in magazines and  published in books.

Betty began to share this passion with Marla, and as they say, two heads are better than one. We instantly began collaborating and designing continually learning from one another.

Wire Jewelry making necklace with geod



Our wire jewelry making leans toward the free form of manipulating wire into fascinating shapes and designs.


USA flag with lettering made in the USA , jewelry making classes and jewelry kits by Artfully Your CreationsNow pendants, earrings, bracelets, cuffs and neckwear have become our focus for jewelry making. Add a gemstone or crystal here and there and the creativity is further advanced.

Numerous types of wire have been part of our learning journey and we have recently moved on to sterling silverwire for jewelry making as well. Creating with wire allows us to engage our inner self as we design.

What is unique about our wire jewelry making is how we created our one of a kind pieces. After experimenting with this new process we learned about the pitfalls and how to avoid them. We soon learned that we were in control of the wire and therefore were able to create those one of a kind pieces of jewelry.  Wire jewelry making has hit a new and exciting level of creation and design.

Now we want to share our wire jewelry making secrets with you!

Learn with us as we teach basic modern techniques of working and creating with wire to create your own Artfully Your Creation. You will become a wire jewelry making wizard!

Our Wire Jewelry Making Online Classes

Our Wire Jewelry Making Kits

We offer many online and in-person workshops.  Or if you don’t feel like creating your own one of a kind masterpiece, visit our custom handmade jewelry shop.