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Wire Knitting: How We Turned Our Hobby Into Our Beautiful Passion

blue yarn and wire knitting needles

So you may be wondering how we started wire knitting?  We have been designing, creating, and knitting for many years. Creating with yarns and fiber we were able to design beautiful knitwear.

The thought came to us that it was time to step out of the box, grab our knitting needles and use wire for jewelry making using the same technique – knitting. We had always dabbled with beads and stringing, but it was time to move on and we were ready!

This challenge we decided to pursue brought us to a new level of creativity with knitting.

This unique art form opened new avenues for exciting jewelry making creations. Before we began we explored through boutiques, jewelry stores , art studios and department stores and more to see if knitting with wire in jewelry making was already being done. Once satisfied we had a modern spin on knitting with wire and jewelry making we got started.

USA flag with lettering made in the USA , jewelry making classes and jewelry kits by Artfully Your CreationsWe always experimented when knitting with yarn and fiber, so why not apply this to an ancient artform of jewelry making through wire and knitting. In so doing, we conquered all the bumps on the road to be able to teach others how to create the perfect piece of wire knitted jewelry art.

Wire … we soon learned had much to offer…multiple gauges… some suited for knitting and some not. Fine wire was in the spotlight for wire jewelry making and design ! This new avenue of creativity was captivating!


This is how we created our Wire Knitting Jewelry Collections and Jewelry Kits.

Bracelet made with Wire knitting

As empowered women we created beautiful jewelry and knew we had to share this knowledge and expertise with you. So by creating easy to follow teaching videos as well as written instructions and patterns we are able to bring this adventure of jewelry making and design with knitted wire to you. Now you are able to begin your own Artfully Your Creations journey.


Our Wire Knitting & Other Jewelry Making Online Classes


Our Wire Knitting & Other Jewelry Making Kits


If you do not want to use wire knitting to create your own designs, please visit our custom, one of a kind jewelry shop.

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