Our Daily Journey From Jewelry Making Mistakes To One-Of-A-Kind Jewelry Masterpieces

Use the right Jewelry Making Tools

Our daily journey from jewelry making mistakes to one-of-a-kind jewelry masterpieces has been a true learning experience.  How many of you have been working on a project and it goes awry? Don’t hide, I know you are out there! We have been there and back!

Always use the right tools.  Don’t get caught up in “ooh that looks interesting” syndrome.  Begin with the basic tools and learn how to use them correctly!!

It is so frustrating to watch something you put a lot of effort into go wrong.  Our motto is…nothing goes to waste!  

Creativity is a gift, so do not waste it!  

Creative Ways To Stay In Touch With The Inner Artist In You

  • Stop and breathe.
  • Step away for at least an hour.We found that during that hour we needed to refresh (drinks help…smoothies, a glass of wine)
  • Looking in magazines or researching for new ideas because inspiration is very powerful and recharges your brain.
  • You may even find that stepping away for more than an hour, perhaps a few days is just fine.


Now for those of you who are perfectionists this can be a real challenge.

So get a grip as you need to let go, and create.

  • Step outside of the box.
  • Stand up, take a deep breathe and tell yourself you are ready to do something out of the ordinary!
  • It may take several tries so don’t give up too soon!

I know you are saying …easy for you to say!


How Our Jewelry Making Mistakes Have Turned Out To Be Some Of Our Greatest Achievements

For example, I once designed bracelet watches and kept looking at the watch faces that were gathering dust.  What to do, what to do!  We took some wire, some beads, and a little creativity and we now have a new product coming out this fall!  We will keep you posted.  What fun!

Another time I was teaching myself a new weaving technique and boy did I screw that up.

I was about to toss this hot mess when, for fun, I started twisting the wire, added some beads and made a fantastic pin.

There are those times when you cannot salvage something, and that is OK too, as you still learned something and won’t make that mistake again.

I remember a time that I wanted to take my knitting knowledge and try to create by knitting with wire. I found myself extremely frustrated when the wire was not working up the same way that  yarn did.  So I had to put my needles and wire away for awhile until I was ready to start all over again or maybe not.  Through my first attempts that failed I tackled this mission that I was on to try again and not allow myself to give up.  I was able to see all the the mistakes I had made from my first attempt and was determined not to repeat them again..

When I was finished I was able to create the most beautiful knitted wire bracelet and I realized that my mistake was a blessing for me not to give up and  to try again.  I did succeed the second time around. So my huge mistake brought me to a new level of creative designing.

Just stop and think where we would be today if mistakes had not happened in medicine …Mistakes produced many cures for mankind today.

Making mistakes is good for the soul as it forces us to try something new and generates new ideas.

This is an example of how mistakes become something creative.  I was twisting wire, ready to throw this away and voila.

Learn how mistakes can open new doors in creativity and check out his link http://www.beadingdaily.com/blog/beading-daily/mistakes-or-design-features.

There is no such thing as a perfect world therefore mistakes are a huge part of who we are as individuals in the wire jewelry making twist and turns.  Positive attitude is the power button that we need to keep our volume level on so we can conquer and move forward to broaden our talented minds.

In jewelry making and designing one needs to think what inspires us and what do we enjoy working with most. Another thing we need to consider is not being fixed on one idea and be open to different versions that will generate new designs through any mistakes that have occurred along the way of our plans in designing.  Below is an example of one of our mistakes which has now become part of our new line of creations.

Don’t allow fashion trends to alter your designs… Incompatible materials and colors.

Work on creating a unique and striking look for your jewelry designs. You are not alone in your field and sometimes it is a good idea to step out of your comfort zone and open a new door in learning many different jewelry making techniques.

Today with cyber technology and massive book assortments published we are never far from an open minded education that will give us all the tools to learn and succeed in our jewelry making endeavors.

Tips about Jewelry Making Mistakes

  • No one is perfect, we all make jewelry making mistakes
  • Mistakes generate new ideas and designs
  • When frustrated, step away and later return refreshed

So now that we have taught you not to fear jewelry making mistakes go forward and reach for the stars.  You will be amazed of what your hands and mind will do for your soul from here on in.

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