Jewelry Making, Design, Architecture and Geometry

Everyone wants to know the secret of jewelry making, design, architecture and geometry.  Are there really secrets or is it just what we see around us and like. Architecture and geometry easily lend themselves to jewelry making and design. How you wonder?

Look around at buildings, landscaping etc. Think about the elements of design…line, color, shape, value, and texture are the elements. These elements are a huge part of jewelry making and design. The shape of your design and the components used within your design creates significant visual impact. This element of design is often what people first notice when they see a piece of jewelry.

Notice the curves and angles in the architecture.

Jewelry Making, Design, Architecture and Geometry – Shapes

Shapes add interest and when there are a variety of shapes within a piece your mind thanks about the composition. 

When all the beads are the same shape and size there is no contrast and therefore your piece may lack interest.

Geometric shapes are evident all around us.

Jewelry Making, Design, Architecture and Geometry – Line

Line draws the eye in and around the piece.

  • How will it look when worn?
  • Will it lie comfortably, fit well?
  • Does it meet the standards you want such as…graceful, sophisticated or edge?

Jewelry Making, Design, Architecture and Geometry – Value

Value describes color …light to dark or combinations thereof.

Let the color speak and direct your thoughts about design.

Be open to change and new color combinations.

Jewelry Making, Design, Architecture and Geometry – Textures

Texture relates to the surface of the work.

It not only adds interest but it adds depth and structure. We all like to touch things.

Give the texture a chance to voice its feeling.

Jewelry Making, Design, Architecture and Geometry – Pattern and More

Artists also work with the design principles of repetition, movement, size, balance, and variety.

Once the eye sees a particular shape, when that shape is repeated, it makes the eye comfortable.

Repeating a shape more than three times in a regular design makes it a pattern.

  • Patterns in jewelry are enjoyable, and pattern makes your design more organized.
  • A single element, or focal element draws the eye in.
  • The effect is to make that point special by showcasing it.
  • Lets not forget to give a piece balance, and variety to keep the eye interested.

Along with Architecture Comes Geometry

…lines, curves, angles and more.

These elements create visual interest and is what people see first.

Shapes can be organic, irregular or natural, fluid, or geometric, square, triangular and rigid in structure. The greatest part of designing is variety in shapes, textures, components and more.

Think outside the box.

Take a look at

I was able to relate to some of these buildings and began to understand in greater depth the relationship between jewelry making and design, architecture and geometry.

Now the wheels are turning and I want to begin designing, but not just yet.

Time to grab my camera and drive around photographing buildings, parks and their elements. My mind still want to know more about geometry and jewelry. I found this site and found it very informative.

Geometric Jewelry

Geometric jewelry, is made of basic design elements like triangles, squares, and ovals.

Necklaces, pendants, and earrings somehow become greater than the sum of their parts, turning them into bold statement pieces.

This geometric style is found across centuries and cultures, making a statement about what we find pleasing  Certain patterns remind us of beautiful things in nature.

Geometry makes a statement with its shapes in this beautiful golden chain wire art necklace with gemstones which is part of our wire jewelry making one-of-a-kind jewelry masterpiece series.

As I continued to research I found this  What talent!

Suddenly I remember high school was awful!

I always thought –   when will I ever use this information?  

Don’t hide. I know you thought the same thing.

Well, hello…here we are as jewelry makers and designers using elements of geometry in our creations.  Angles, lines, figures…Oh my!  Time to make use of this knowledge!

With ideas, photos and more I think I am ready to begin.

Thinking about a blog I had written earlier, gives me  extra energy and inspiration.

Black silhouette of skyline of New York, USA

I remember as far back to when I was a young girl and we went on a family outing on the Staten Island Ferry.

As we approached Manhattan Island I was in awe of the skyline and all the different shapes of the buildings.  I began to let my creative mind go and I was picturing myself holding a piece of wire to create all these architectural shapes.

Now as I can clearly remember  I have been able to meld my memories into my jewelry making.

All the different shapes and sizes are always a constant reminder of my very first vision.  

A simple twist and turn of the wire in hand allows me to bring out all the elements in architecture and geometry…

Lines, curves, swirls, squares and more are what makes  our jewelry speak to us in different voices.

Wire art technique showing lines, curves.

As I sit here looking at my collections of various gem stones and beads my eye is drawn to the faceted gem stones.

Geometry again comes alive gain through facets, faces, and edges.

I wish I could have my geometry teacher stand in front of me so I can tell her that I did pay attention to all her teaching even though it was boring at the time.

Some Quick Jewelry Making Design Tips for You

  1. Always look around at your surroundings.
  2. Be sure to allow your mind to take over and think outside of the box when creating. No two creations are alike.
  3. Be sure to incorporate some of the elements of architecture and geometry.

Needless to say Betty and Marla are working everyday with their creative, artistic minds to bring a simple design to life using the elements of architecture and geometry while creating one of a kind  masterpieces.

Enjoy exploring, have fun and share your findings with us in the comments below!

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