Jewelry Making, Design, Architecture and Geometry

Everyone wants to know the secret of jewelry making, design, architecture and geometry.  Are there really secrets or is it just what we see around us and like. Architecture and geometry easily lend themselves to jewelry making and design. How you wonder? Look around at buildings, landscaping etc. Think about the elements of design…line, color, shape, value, and texture are the elements.…

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Fourteen Jewelry Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Jewelry hacks, so what’s new? I needed to know the definition of “hacks” (a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way) and then it all fell into place. As I explored this topic I discovered so many old jewelry hacks that are still in use today.  Many were new…

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Jewelry Design Trends 2020

Jewelry Design Trends 2020 are on the horizon.  So, what does that mean to the jewelry designers and jewelry makers, how do we find them and why are they important.  But Why?  Anyone care to venture a guess because I do not have the answers. As a child I thought 2020 meant colonizing the moon and Mars, wearing glitzy space…

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