Jewelry Design Trends 2020

Jewelry Design Trends 2020 are on the horizon.  So, what does that mean to the jewelry designers and jewelry makers, how do we find them and why are they important.  But Why?  Anyone care to venture a guess because I do not have the answers.

As a child I thought 2020 meant colonizing the moon and Mars, wearing glitzy space suits. Well, no space suits, but plenty of glitz!! Pearls, natural gemstones, chain, wire, crystal oh my! As to what’s next … the fashion industry begins as we do as we relate to jewelry design trends 2020.

Jewelry Design Trends 2020: Look Around You – NATURE.  

So many fashion and jewelry making designers find their inspiration in nature and so do I.  Nature dictates color and design and this is evident as I view the fashion photos from Paris, Milan and New York. Art deco, big, classic, cultural influence and statement are the words setting the stage.  

Warm and Enticing

The fashion colors for the jewelry design trends 2020 are warm and enticing! They are luscious and remind me of a spice box. Gemstones, metal shades, wire, past trends and history are assaulting my brain.

History repeats itself so much and art deco with a few tweaks comes alive here.  

Get Your First Fashion Insider Look

Just take a look at the photos from the fashion houses…wow!  

Magazines are a rich resource for inspiration and act as a guide to our inner creativity. Jewelry design trends 2020 are coming alive!

So now that we have researched and found out about what’s next, where do we as jewelry making designers fit in?  

Good question you say.  I feel like I should throw my ideas into the air and waits for the answer! Well universe I am ready!!

First, I checked out

  • colors,
  • fashion and
  • jewelry trends,
  • checked out the fashion houses.  
  • Spending time in a book store looking at magazines of all kinds was an eye opener.  
  • Notes, sketches and ideas were arriving fast and furious.  

Now for me it’s time to pull it all together…but how.

Let’s get started with the Jewelry Trends 2020

As jewelry making designers we have an arsenal of supplies, so let’s begin there.  Metal, wire, beads, chain and natural gemstones. Look at the color trends and begin choosing things and placing them in color groups.

You Have to Try Spicy

For example … the spicy colors …

  • copper,
  • brass and
  • gold metal and wire,
  • carnelian,
  • sunstone,
  • smoky quartz,
  • topaz,
  • gold for me, calls on the natural beauties from mother earth and

the list goes on.  

Those creative juices are beginning to flow!

Before any jewelry making designer jumps in, there are some things to consider.

  • When it comes to trends, stay true to yourself.
  • What looks great on a model at Fashion week or in a magazine may not be for you.
  • Yes, look at color…what jewelry would look good with this.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix it up and create excitement, sophistication, joy and sensuality.
  • Find the inner you, open your eyes, look at trends and bring yourself into the mix.
  • Observe the popularity of what is shown in fashion designs.

Trends have been apart of history for centuries.  

So now look back in old magazines for ideas and let your creativity flow in new directions!  

Be your own trendsetter!

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