The History of Jewelry: Why People Wear Jewelry

The history of jewelry and why we wear jewelry has been an age old question. Jewelry can be traced back Millennia, to cave man who touted his strength by wearing animal teeth and skins to ancient cultures such as Egyptian and Mesopotamian.

Jewelry has since then been an ever-present part of human civilization. Adorning oneself with jewelry has been consistent across space and time, across religions, cultures, class and gender.  In early society jewelry was worn as amulets to ward off bad luck.  Take a look at this site it adds to the mystique.

How the History of Jewelry Influences the Jewelry Fashion Trends Today

As I researched this question I found views on the subject varied greatly. Even psychology plays a role, according to Maslow.  I choose to think along the more simplistic common sense lines. It’s so much easier!

Here are some of the most poignant reasons why we wear jewelry today:

  1. It’s a reflection of your taste – what colors, stones and fashion styles you like.
  2. It can make your outfit look finished and polished. By adding jewelry you make it your own personal style.
  3. Puts your signature on your style.
  4. Can enhance your figure – That’s right! Jewelry is a pretty powerful accessory! Want to look taller and slimmer? Add a necklace that drops in a V or Y shape, like a lariat style. Is your body shape a pear? Use a brooch or 2 near your collar on your shoulder to pull the eye up, to your face. It will help balance your figure.
  5. Want to update your wardrobe, let jewelry do the job for you
  6. It can help you to switch from day to night attire by adding a little sparkle
  7. Because it sparkles, it creates a focal point and makes you feel beautiful/pretty and more confident!
  8. Jewelry celebrates life cycles such as weddings, anniversaries, childbirth, graduations, birthdays, and more.
  9. Jewelry differentiates us – just as does our other accessories


If the reasons above are not enough, check out this site:

A Few of My Favorites – What We Can Learn From The History of Jewelry Are Listed Here:

  • To send society a message about who one is without having to utter a single word.
  • As a creative outlet: Some people paint or write or throw clay…some people knit…some people’s canvas is an engine, a computer, a garden…for some it’s a chalkboard, for others it’s the big screen…for me, it’s my person. It’s why I often wear black. It’s my canvas. And my art, jewelry choice and combination.
  • One can intuit much about others by the personal adornment they choose.

Now it makes sense why some people can wear pieces I consider gaudy and it looks great and why some people wear very little and look wonderful!

Understanding the history of jewelry is the key of creating our own jewelry style today!

So, the lesson here it is be your own person and have at it!

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