Handmade Holiday Gifts at the Artist Boutique

Looking for handmade holiday gifts? The frenzy of holiday happiness is upon us again.  We are making those lists and checking them twice.  What can we do to spruce up our gift giving and avoid the same stores or the simple internet choices that ensnare you with bonus points or coupons.

This year I am stepping out of the box and
all will be surprised by my gifts.


What Has The Artist Boutique To Do With Handmade Holiday Gifts?

Something new has arrived – the “Artist Boutique”.

What is that you say?


The Artist Boutique has created quite a stir. 


Knitted Chain Bracelet

At this boutique, the handmade artisan has the opportunity to share their work and exceptional craftsmanship. Here we have the chance to see the masters at work and share their talent.  …and what talent!

We didn’t know where to look first.

  • sculpture,
  • paintings,
  • pottery,
  • handbags,
  • blown glass,
  • jewelry and

so much more.


Artist at Work – Our Thoughts

There were demonstrations in each area and each was fascinating.

Being surrounded by all this incredible talent right here in the USA, we were proud, inspired and grateful to be here and supportive of the talent.

When we are complemented on my creativity we feel the most incredible thankfulness for my gift.  Sometimes it is the story behind the work that makes it even more valuable

Who would not want to receive a handmade jewelry creation or a handmade creation as a gift…how special!

If you are an artist in any medium you know what goes into designing and presenting these works of art.

So, artisans be proud of your work and
know in you heart you are the best!


“I Can Buy The Same Thing At Home For A Lot Less …”


We overheard a conversation that was, to say the least, uncomplimentary.

To summarize…I “can buy the same thing at home for a lot less”.

Needless to say the artisan was taken back and stated that these items are one of a kind and are very special to me.

We were so proud of the artisan!

We wondered if this person understood the passion, the patience and planning that goes into handmade works of art.

We are reminded of the reasons we buy handmade  creations.



7 Things You Didn’t Know About Handmade Jewelry

We remembered reading about the “7 Things You Didn’t Know About Handmade Jewelry from a blog post of this title.
(from Uncommon Goods, November 2014)

This is right on the money!

Check out this post for the details as it is so enlightening, but I will summarize here:

  • No mass production machinery involved
  • The value of time
  • The Arisans process
  • Materials
  • Sustainability
  • Quality
  • Love

After reading this post we began to feel very good about my jewelry
as it encompasses all of the above.


Why Handmade Jewelry Is More Than Just Jewelry

Our handmade jewelry has set off a trigger in us to create more than just jewelry.

We have broadened our spectrum and have designed the most sensational wire art figurines.  From there we have taken the ancient art of knitting and crocheting to a whole new dimension.

We never knew that knitting with materials other than fibers, could be so spectacular in the art of jewelry making.

The upcoming holidays has us working diligently to be able to have gift items available with numerous themes.

What fun! 

Wire figurines as ornaments, bottle jewelry, bottle toppers or just to hang around and share their joy.  What a gift this is for us!

The holidays are not even here yet and we feel like Santa’s elves in our workshop. 

The elves on the shelf with our tools and designs
ready to go.

The holidays always put a smile on our faces and in our hearts and being able to see our work being given as gifts is so very rewarding. Our gifts, we believe, will be cherished and enjoyed for years to come!

Now, come and visit our busy jewelry making online training classesjewelry kits and one-of-a-kind jewelry masterpieces shop where you can choose the finest of gifts for all your needs

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