Designing Artisan Jewelry: What is My Inspiration?

Designing Artisan Jewelry: What is My Inspiration?

When I am designing and creating artisan jewelry, what inspires me? Did you ever wonder where all the creative jewelry design ideas come from? How has jewelry become the industry it is today?    Designing Artisan Jewelry Inspired by Other Creatives Sometimes, I guess...

Jewelry Making and Jewelry Design Trends for 2018

Spread the loveTweetJewelry Design Trends 2018 are on the horizon.  So, what does that mean to the jewelry designers and jewelry makers, how do we find them and why are they important.  But Why?  Anyone care to venture a guess because I do not have the answers.  ...

The History of Jewelry: Why Wear Jewelry

Spread the loveTweetThe history of jewelry and why we wear jewelry has been an age old question. Jewelry can be traced back Millennia, to cave man who touted his strength by wearing animal teeth and skins to ancient cultures such as Egyptian and Mesopotamian. Jewelry...
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