Zoom Up Your Creative Energy in 2021

Zoom Up Your Creative Energy in 2021

Here we are with a new year and hope in our hearts.  Boy no one need tell us the year 2020 was difficult and full of surprises.  So, while we are home  we need to “zoom up your creative energy”.  Right, another blog about things to do at home.  Well, not so fast…there is a story here.

Earlier this fall my neighbors and I were sitting outside (6 feet apart) talking about all the things we were getting done.  Cleaning closets was at the top of the list.  One neighbor told how she found an old jewelry box full of custom costume jewelry and some with beautiful stones.  Needless to say, my ears perked up and I listened closely.  My thoughts were once again stimulated while she spoke.  I really wanted to see this treasure, but did not want to impose, so I let it go.

New Jewelry Designs, Textiles and Fashion Colors in 2021

Today while I was thinking about new jewelry designs, new textiles and new fashion colors.   I felt overwhelmed, sad, and frustrated.   The new colors are beautiful and bring a new energy to design.  Then I start thinking about textiles and gemstones like:

color trends chart

  • LEATHER                          
  • FABRIC                        
  • WIRE                        
  • WOOD                            
  • AGATE                                  
  • JASPER                        
  • JADE 


Seeking Inspiration

I wanted to be out and about just like everyone else and it wasn’t happening.  I needed inspiration!!!   I searched the internet, looked in magazines, looked at nature right outside the door and yet, I still needed that zest for creativity.  It then dawned on me that my neighbor might still have this jewelry box with what I hoped contained treasures.  I  called her and asked about that jewelry box.  She was delighted as she was about to give it away.  So, no surprise here, I got it.  What a haul!   Some good and some needed to go.  Here was my INSPIRATION, STIMULATION, ENERGY for 2021.

Creating Structure and Order

Once again my thoughts were racing…how will I use the good pieces.  I sorted through and and created a color pallette and then got busy.  As a designer, I try to be a season ahead , meaning I have to be aware of new fashion colors, textiles and techniques.( https://erikafirm.com/blogs/posts/spring-summer-2021-pantone-color-trend ) (https://blog.patternbank.com/category/trend-forecasts/).  I began sketching, pulling fabric, paper, beads, wire, glass and chain.  Start with the basic colors, I thought, and move on from there.

wire art diagram, Zoom Up Your Creative Energy in 2021

Thinking about what I had in front of me I made my fist move, I made some textile beads, added some gemstones, glass beads and fun beads along with wire and chain and voila a necklace ,earrings and some pendants were created.  (sample idea below)

Crafting Handmade One-of-a-Kind Jewelry Masterpieces

wire art necklace

It was going to take a while, so I decided to gather all I needed by color,  place everything in a bag along with sketches and new ideas.  Once I had all that I needed I could then begin to create some masterpieces.   I began by thinking about all the new designs and got busy.

Does it all happen over night, of course not.

It just took some inspiration and energy and now I am busy and happy creating.  I know you are thinking too much work for me!

So, I can help.

Why not let me develop a kit for you or you can purchase one of my creations from my website- artfullyyourcreations.com or check out my Etsy shop.

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