What is the Future of Jewelry Making … in 2016? What Styles, Designs, and Trends Lie Ahead?

What Jewelry Styles, Designs, and Trends Lie Ahead?

What is the Future of Jewelry Making… in 2016? We know history repeats, especially with fashion!  Well, I had the chance to look back when a stash of old fashion magazines appeared in my neighbors garage.


This was a gold mine to me (a jewelry making trainer and designer).  I was inspired to create new, modern styles with the vintage feel and charm we I found in the magazines.


We spent hours pouring over these treasures!  We laughed, oohed and ahead and she told stories of the “disco” days,and the 80’s.  It sounded like such fun!!

I noticed that so many of the styles of that era keep popping up with a “tweak” here and there.  Platform shoes, cuff bracelets, long earrings and the list goes on.  Check out some of the fashion websites of those days and see what you think.  Here are just a few to help you get started…fripperyvintage.comthefashionspot.com and pop sugar.com..  See anything familiar?


So I started thinking about my Future Jewelry Making Trends 2016 and what trainings I will offer.

My neighbor then shared her stash of vintage jewelry.  She was so excited and so was I.  We spent the afternoon looking at magazines, jewelry and yes, clothing.  It was marvelous and chocked with inspiration for me.  I couldn’t wait to get started!  Then I began thinking about jewelry of the future.  Will the youth of today find current trendslaughable or repeatable?  My head was spinning with these thoughts.


I called some friends and invited to come for coffee the next day and to bring their favorite pieces of jewelry and any vintage pieces they had hidden.  We spent hours with magazines, vintage jewelry and our own current favorites.  We forgot ourselves and lived in “jewelry land” !  Then came the real fun!  We started making jewelry that felt new and modern for ourselves by combining vintage and current, trendy pieces.  Suddenly we had new looks and couldn’t wait to share.  What an afternoon!  It was great fun creating a photo album with our own ideas of the future of jewelry making trends for 2015!

I was completely inspired and ready to design.  I felt like I was cooking..a little of this a “sousant” of that.  I was completely absorbed and loving every minute! (check out my website and see for yourself…”artfullyyourcreations.com”.  Then I began thinking about the future of jewelry trends for 2015.  Would you believe that there is very liitle information?

Well, I guess I have a new job.  Feel free to let me know what you find!


  • Mix the old with the new and create a new look
  • Choose what is right for your special look
  • Mix colors – it really works!

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