Spring Colors for Stylish Jewelry Making Designs in 2015

As I watch the runway I started to notice the spring colors for chic jewelry making designs in 2015.    I must admit they are yummy.

When I think of spring I think of a reawakening of spirit …soft colors, warm breezes, flowers and more.  And then I think what jewelry I will need to buy to keep up with those chic, fashionable spring colors.  Do the fashion gurus choose these spring colors so we go and buy ?  You bet!


I went to pantone.com and saw the new chic spring colors and watched the video by Lee Eiseman, Executive Director of Pantone Color Institute.  She walks you through the stylish spring colors and explains them by appealing to our senses.  It was so enlightening.  Check this out, you will love listening to her.

Now comes the part that really makes me think.  As a jewelry designer I begin thinking about my clients and how I can help them bring in those chic colors with jewelry.  If they are like me, after the winter, I want to go out and buy fresh new things.  Ah, but does the budget allow for this?  The thoughts are now spinning in my head… stylish spring colors, jewelry, jewelry making and jewelry design.

I decide to begin in my own closet and find my staple pieces of clothing.  This begins to be fun! I put together several outfits and then mix and match pieces.  Suddenly things are looking up! I may only need to add a few new trendy jewelry designs.   I begin by choosing the jewelry designs that seems to be my “go to” jewelry.  Then I look at those stylish spring colors to see that I have some, but know I need to refresh some of my outfits with those stylish spring colors…soft,luxurious and appealing to the senses.   BUDGET, again. As a jewelry designer I scout out the runway and browse magazines for jewelry, jewelry design and jewelry making hints. Now that I am ahead of the trends and updated on the chic and stylish looks for 2015 I am ready to head to the drawing table…


Spring Colors for Stylish Jewelry Making Designs in 2015! Voila!  My new line is created!  

Next, I think about what I will include in training videos to show how to incorporate those stylish spring colors into jewelry designs!

Here are some tips to inspire you to bring Spring Colors for Chic Jewelry Making Design in 2015 in your own line:

  • look for in vogue colors to accentuate what you already have (layer)
  • Bright Metal Cuffs (with soft, chic spring colors)
  • Stacking Bangles
  • Statement Earrings (spring colors)
  • Talisman Necklaces (layer)
  • Bold Chains
  • Artisan Pieces (showing off chic spring colors)

Be bold and trendy thisyear and have fun!!!!!

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