Nature Inspired Jewelry Making and Design

Is it true that jewelry making and design is inspired by nature?   HMMMM!  Are there lessons to be learned from nature when designing jewelry.  While sitting at the beach enjoying the Florida weather it became clear to me how nature varies color.  In California the water is a deep blue-green while in Florida the water is that beautiful turquoise- so soothing…color.

My mind automatically goes to the thought that nature inspired jewelry making design.  Of course it is true…color. 

Just go to, it is eye opening.

Thinking about this brought to mind gem and mineral colors- aquamarine, turquoise and the rainbow of colors in nature.

Nature inspired jewelry making design – the varying colors in the sky, the sun and it’s vast array of colors from day break to

  • sunset- pinks (quartz),
  • oranges- (carnelian and fire opal),
  • lavenders (amethyst and tourmaline)
  • so many colors.

Everyday we learn lessons from nature. Jewelry designing is inspired by nature because it never fails to astound with its bounty of beautiful gifts.

I really begin thinking about the phrase “jewelry designing is inspired by nature”.

The deserts, the mountains, the snow, the storms…all contribute to jewelry designing with color.  Think about the hidden treasures that are un earthed each day.

I love Humble Bead’s Website.  It is a perfect example of how Nature inspired Jewelry Making and Design!

I remember the Smithsonisn Institute and its gem and mineral exhibits, the Hope diamond,  … it all flows into my mind.  Nature places colors together  that seem so right for each other.

It hits me!

Nature Inspired Jewelry Making Design has some of the most unlikely color combinations create some of the most intriguing jewelry designs.

When I return to the workshop I begin pulling out beads, gemstones, findings, fiber and the jewelry designing seems to fall into place. Now why didn’t I think of that before?

Creativity abounds, and then I think about the Impressionist painters…another blog perhaps.

Nature Inspired Jewelry Making Design:

  • really open your eyes and look around you…everywhere
  • visit art museums
  • visit a florist shop
  • visit the local garden center

You should be seeing how ” Nature Inspired Jewelry Making Design “.

It certainly has inspired my designing.  See for yourself by going to my website… Artfully Your Creations.

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