Jewelry Making and Design…Wearable Art

Jewelry Making and Design…wearable art leads to New Avenues or just a new name?  While out shopping I found a store where one entire showcase was filled with “Wearable Art Jewelry”.  My attention was immediately focused.  I thought jewelry making and design… wearable art were one and the same. HMMMM. Later when I was at home I looked on line for a definition…Wearable art, also known as Artwear or “art to wear”, refers to individually designed pieces of (usually) handmade clothing or jewellery.


How interesting!

I continued on with my research and found that jewelry making and design… “Wearable Art” meant handmade.   This idea was beginning to take shape in my mind and the wheels began turning.  Then I found with its beautiful jewelry.  The moment of truth was staring me in the eye.

What about  our own jewelry making and design… wearable art.

Could our jewelry be considered “WearableArt”?

The answer…a resounding ABSOLUTELY!!!!


Wearable Art Means Handmade

I now believe that “wearable art jewelry” could be any jewelry but, what makes it art is that it is “handmade”.  Handmade is ART.  With that stated I will resume jewelry making and design along with my talented business partner!

I learned a lot about wearable art.  It encompasses a spectrum of creativity and artisans.  Check a very interesting article.  Then, of course, Pinterest for “Wearable Art and Accessories”…wow.  There were the names of some top designers.  Then there are the artistic characters who always come up with wearable art that is as they say”far out” and yet ART.

So no matter what we might think ART is Wearable and fantastic!

Some tips about “wearable art jewelry” and wearable art:

  • Know what wearable art jewelry means
  • Keep the word handmade in the description
  • Wearable art comes in many flavors…some outrageous and some beautiful

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