Jewelry Making and Design – Wired Knitter

Jewelry making and design takes many different turns as we learn daily. Sometimes jewelry making and design moves us to new artistic creations, which we never even thought about. Has that ever happened to you? If so welcome to the crowd. If not, fear not , it will, so get ready.

Today it happened to us.


We are sitting here with wire and looking at each other as we take jewelry making and design to a new level. We have already created our wired knitter and we wanted to expand it to other wired knitter jewelry making designs.

So we now created our figure that can stand and sit and not only be worn as a pendant but it can be used in so many other jewelry making designs. We are very into embellishments because everything is in the finishing. Everything we create at Artfylly Your Creations is what makes our pieces so unique and a one of a kind masterpiece.

We are having such fun using our jewelry making and design skills.  The best part is incorporating these skills in other areas of interest.  Suddenly the world of creativity has evolved into new endeavors using what we know best…jewelry making and design!  Knowing that there is no limit to creativity gives us the confidence to explore and experiment.  If new ideas and new inspiration resonates with your creative side, go with it…as they say “who knows what lies ahead”.

Explore the web with its multitude of creative avenues and sites.

Check out, as they have such cute things.  Also check out, such creativity!

Expand your jewelry making and design skills and have fun with the results.  Never stop learning!

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Use your jewelry making and design skills as your base for new endeavors
  • Explore and get inspired
  • Never stop learning


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