Jewelry Making and Design the Need For New Inspiration

Copper Embossed Abstract Earrings

Copper Embossed Abstract Earrings

Jewelry Making and Design the Need For New Inspiration…is there such a thing?

Here I sit with so many designs and thoughts running through my mind, that I don’t know where to begin. Do all designers run into those “blocks” that keep you spinning in the same place? I often think of the great jewelry designers and wonder if they ever get stymied or lost for inspiration.

I have a multitude of jewelry books and magazines and always go through them for ideas or inspiration. Seen that, done that, now where to? While looking at sites on the internet I see the new fashions and stunning colors for the upcoming seasons and yet nothing has inspired me. Somehow I think jewelry making and design is just reinventing the past. Hmmm, maybe thats it. What is new in jewelry design and jewelry making?

There are so many magnificent new natural gemstones and the colors are awe inspiring. Maybe thats it…use the new with a hint of yesterday and create the NOW! Closer. Check out The colors are astounding and the information very enlightening. The natural world really does lend itself to continuous learning and I love it. There is a wonderful book to inspire with more information- Gems and Gemstones: Timeless Natural Beauty of the Mineral World. So much to learn and see! So, now to bring all this incredible knowledge into jewelry making and design.

With new eyes, I delve into sketching new pieces. Jewelry making and design has taken on a new life. Another thought enters into the picture and here I go…architecture and geometry in jewelry making and design. Lines, symmetry, curves…oh my. Take a moment and look at …very inspiring.

Architecture and geometry in jewelry making and design.

Ok, now my head is really spinning but in a good way. I am finally ready to tackle the new ideas I have for jewelry making and design. You just may see some examples on And the beat goes on!!

So, what is it that inspires you? Could it be architecture, geometry, past designers or perhaps new gems and minerals.  For me it is a combination of all of the above.  The challenge for me and jewelry making and design is how to put all of it together.  Maybe it means creating new telmplates and growing from there without leaving the past in the dust.  This is very exciting!

If you sometilmes find yourselves in the same position I hope I have inspired you and your jewelry making and design creations.

A few tips:

* keep looking around your environment for inspiration

* keep the past in the present with new gemstones and minerals

* Search books and magazines of all kinds

* Never give up!

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