Jewelry Making and Design IS Affected by Sleep

Is it possible that jewelry making and design is affected by sleep? When are we most creative? How many of you have had those sleepless times when your creative juices are just sluggish to say the least.

Well, welcome to the crowd. Don’t hide, I know you are there and so do you. Sleep…creativity…related…hmmmmm. As a jewelry designer, I have found myself hitting the creative wall a few times. Sometimes I have great ideas for jewelry making and design during the middle of the night and jump out of bed to sketch. You too! Again welcome to the crowd. I decides to investigate how my own creativity and jewelry making and design are affected by my sleep patterns.  What an interesting phenomenon.  Not only does so affect creativity, but so does lack of sleep…duh!

I went to the internet and found a few interesting articles.  Check these out as they are very informative… and  AHA!  Now, it took me a moment to realize that those times I had those spurts of creativity during sleep must have been during REM sleep.  Very possible!

I look back and reflect upon my most creative times by visiting my website…  And yes, just after a good night of sleep, just after waking and during the night seem to be my most creative times.  So now I know:

Sleep does affect creativity…jewelry making  and design…absolutely!!

New creations evolved into new jewelry lines and it did not stop there. New ides for training videos come into being and  even new creative endeavors were created.  My new mantra is SLEEP. Now here I sit  telling you about SLEEP after just that…a good night of sleep.  I am invigorated and plan to spen the remainder of the day doing what I love the most…jewelry making and design…creativity!!!!!!!

Three tips for creativity and sleep:

* Keep a pad of paper and pencil by your bed for those creative moments that awaken you from sleep

* Find your most creative time of day and keep with it

* Sleep…get enough of it!!!!!!!

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