Jewelry Making and Design, A Collaborative Adventure

Sharing Ideas Leads To New Jewelry Ideas

Jewelry making and design, a collaborative adventure? Who ever said sharing ideas leads to more ideas was so right. As jewelry making and design has become and adventure and my passion I realize I am not alone. There are so many influences that relate to this passion.



I recently encountered someone who was as passionate about knitting as I am about jewelry making and design. As we chatted on we realized that we had interests that complemented one another. Jewelry making and design and knitting…OH YEAH.

Next we began sharing ideas about combining jewelry making and knitting.

What fun!! The ideas tumbled forth and we began jewelry making with a new twist.

It was being at Disneyland!!!

There are so many fabulous yarns to choose from each more beautiful than the other.

Like kids in a candy store we began combining beads, yarn and wire. Then came wire!

More intrigue! Suddenly jewelry making and design combined two passions…knitting and wire. Knitting with wire takes some time and can be frustrating but never give up.

Though collaboration and trial and error we discovered wire gauges, colored wire and knitting patterns that worked with wire. Jewelry making and design have become an intriguing adventure and learning experience. Combine yarn and wire, adding knitting patterns and arrive at a new level of artistry. We feel like we have just begun to create.

There is so much talent in this world. Take a minute to visit Mahliqua at yarn crochet and jewelry making and …very interesting.

Jewelry making and design, a collaborative adventure.

Creativity knows no boundaries and sharing ideas leads to new levels of creativity.

By now you must be wondering how you can see some of our jewelry making and design pieces.

As many are still in production, we are only able to give you a glimpse of these wonderful creations.

Be assured they will be making a debut on our website And by now you have realized that I have a new artisan as a partner and the creations are sensational.

Here are some tips for you to keep in mind when you venture into jewelry making and design with wire and yarn.

  • Find good quality materials
  • Find wire that is easy to work
  • Practice with just yarn first
  • Be creative and make your own designs

Happy creating!



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