Jewelry Design and Jewelry Making Sparkle

I was in a Bead and Sip Shop and was looking around for jewelry design and jewelry making sparkle.  How do I add sparkle to my new jewelry design and jewelry making?  Immediately, I think crystal, but that has been done.  What other elements could I include in my jewelry design and jewelry making to add sparkle without overindulging?

What makes that statement piece we all have…a statement piece.  “Jewelry Design and Jewelry Making Sparkle” kept spinning in my head.  I needed time  to think, refresh and research!


Off I went to a rehearsal for a little community show I am helping to coordinate, I was awed by the other participants.  Here i was in the middle of a group of women whose age ranged from 70-94.  (not me I am the baby).  These ladies could sing, dance and strut their stuff!!  I was most impressed with the 94 year old.  She was dynamic!!  She was fashionably dressed, wore beautiful jewelry and her make up was flawless.  Honestly, I felt a little dull.  I decided to spend some time with her to find out how she managed to be so active and beautiful to boot.
Of course, I was very subtle…what is your secret?  You are so beautiful!  “My dear I am thankful for everyday and I just have to make the most of it.  No sitting around, no woe is me.  When I dress I make sure I sparkle inside and out.  Being fashionable, wearing that statement piece of jewelry and wearing a smile makes me feel alive, so I celebrate it!”
I could not have said it better.  That was it.  Jewelry design and jewelry making sparkle contribute to how we feel inside and outside.
After that I knew that sparkle did not just mean “sparkle”, it meant that the jewelry had to make you feel good.  It could be simple or elegant and it would sparkle if you let it speak!  How about that for thought…whether you are designing jewelry, making jewelry, or shopping for jewelry, keep that in mind.

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