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The handmade jewelry creations at the Creativity Boutique keeps coming to mind as I am sitting in my Florida room looking out at the lake, watching the wildlife and remembering the talent I saw. I returned from a trip to visit a friend who just happens to live in Arizona.

Talk about natural beauty … wow!

The sunrise, sunset and the night sky were so glorious. I had the opportunity to visit with other handmade jewelry artisans who were creating jewelry using the treasures around them. I left Arizona feeling so inspired and of course carrying some treasures of my own.


While there my friend took me to a “Creativity Boutique” and it was incredible and great fun.

  • The participants had the opportunity to exhibit their handmade jewelry creations and more…and what talent! I didn’t know where to look first.
  • Sculpture, paintings, pottery, handbags, blown glass, jewelry and so much more.
  • There were demonstrations in each area and each was fascinating. My friend explained that this boutique only happened twice a year and the crowds said it all.

Who would not want to receive a handmade jewelry creation or a handmade creation as a gift…how special.

If you are an artist in any medium you know what goes into creating and presenting these works of art. I overheard a conversation that was, to say the least, uncomplimentary.

To summarize…

I can buy the same handmade jewelry creation at home for a lot less.


Needless to say the artisan was taken back and stated that these items are one of a kind and are very special to me. I was so proud of the artisan!

As I sit here I am reminded of the reasons we buy handmade jewelry creations.

I remembered reading about the “7 Things You Didn’t Know About Handmade Jewelry” from a blog post of this title (from Uncommon Goods, November 2014) This is right on the money!

Check out this post for the details as it is so enlightening, but I will summarize here:

  • No mass production machinery involved
  • The value of time
  • The Artisans process
  • Materials
  • Sustainability
  • Quality
  • Love

After reading this post I began to feel very good about my jewelry as it encompasses all of the above.

So be proud of what you create and keep this post in your mind. It has become my new mantra!

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