Gemstones in Jewelry Making and Jewelry Designs Speak to Your Emotions

Do the gemstones in your jewelry, jewelry making and jewelry designs speak to your emotions?Gemstones are beautiful and are not just there for us to admire.

At a recent gem show I overheard a conversation about the various properties of gemstones. I couldn’t help eavesdropping as the information was so interesting.

My curiosity had been piqued and I decided to do some research.  The library was my first stop and the number of books about gemstones, jewelry making and jewelry designs with gemstones was overwhelming.  Next stop…the internet and that was my avenue for learning.  Checkout crystal-cure.comas it is fascinating.  I always knew gemstones and crystals had healing properties, but never really gave it much thought.

While out to dinner with friends I noticed one of the ladies wearing a very interesting bracelet with several colorful gemstones.  I recognized the gemstones and thought to myself that it was an interesting combination.  She immediately proceeded to tell me what each stone represented and why she had that particular combination on her bracelet.  The light bulb went on and I listened intently.  Not only did she talk about healing properties, but she explained how some gemstones help draw things to you…money, good luck, happiness etc. 

 I was all in, ready and moving forward… jewelry making and jewelry designs speak to the emotions.  Fabulous gemstones here I come!


Of course I spent the next several days doing more research as this truly piqued my curiosity.

The next step was jewelry designs and jewelry making.  Just bracelets or necklaces too?  I decided on both and got busy.  Soon, I realized that I could design until “the cows came home” and then the idea blossomed into reality.  Have the clients choose the gemstones they want and for the gemstone meaning they want them.  Have samples on the website and let the client choose the jewelry design and jewelry making options for the selected gemstones and gemstone meaning.  See what happens when you eavesdrop.  Not only do you learn but you grow!

My new endeavor was so much fun and before I knew what was happening I had clients online wanting to see gemstone design for their gemstone meaning.

Jewelry Deigns and jewelry making with gemstones speak to emotions,  below are a few examples

  • Power stones-  Amethyst, Carnelian and Fluorite
  • Love stones- Turquoise, Rose Quartz, Rainbow Jasper
  • Lucky stones- Amazonite, Aventurine and Tiger eye
  • Protection stones- Citrine, Red Jasper and Chrysoprase
  • Dream stones- Labradorite and Malachite

I love using the gifts of nature…gemstones… in my jewelry making and jewelry designs. Here is an example of how I incorporated amber in a necklace.  >>Click Here to Check it Out<<

There is so much more to learn.  I keep finding new websites- amber, crystal earth and so many more.  Find the stones you like, need, or want and enjoy!!



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