So What Fashion Colors For Fall 2020 Are Next??

So What Fashion Colors For Fall 2020 Are Next??


What a great question! Now I just have to find the answer. At first, I thought 2 weeks of quarantine would give me the time to explore new ideas or catch up with things that needed to be finished.  As a designer, artist and creative person I began a new journey that involved finding out what other people were doing. The internet became my best friend leading me to a window on the art world.

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Using Fashion Ideas To Create Something New

Once I found something that intrigued me, I focused on how would I use some of these ideas, change them and grow from them and create something new that was mine. I Learned about new techniques in wire art, jewelry trends that were going nowhere, beads that seemed to look the same and fashion color forecasts that are not different but just have new names.

New lessons did intrigue me and color forecasting was first on my list.

Fashion Fall Color Forecasting

Where did it begin and why is it important? Color forecasting has existed in some form since the early 1800s. It started off simply, with books and dissertations on the nature of certain colors and their psychological impact, and the science of color. Color forecasting has now expanded into a critical communication tool that color design professionals use to speak to the world around us.

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Did you know that color forecasting begins years before new colors are shown? It is a whole process of science, research,  surveys and more. Through collaboration  designers create mood boards, which are a collection of images, words, or art that evoke a certain emotion supporting the emerging color’s story. Then several color stories reveal themselves during the research process. Once stories are discussed and agreed upon, colors and color names are selected as color directions that support the story.

Color Evokes Emotions

Color evokes emotions and designers think about this. They also consider how businesses will make use of this information. Bottomline, businesses rely on this information as they want to please consumers and, of course, make money. So, now when you are shopping or designing  and you have color choices you know where the color process began Color began to influence my next designs.

Once I opened the door I was happy to have a new focus…creativity once again had found me. There was a time as a designer, if I created something I really didn’t like and I would hide it.   So, out of the undesirable came new designs with new colors and combinations. Textiles surfaced and joined new creations. Hidden in the garage I found copper sheet and my butane torch. My creativity was on fire and so were my new creations with blazing colors.

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The New Fall Colors 2020 Are Delicious

Now that I understood color and its importance, I wanted to create everything at once. Thank you color forecasters for letting me learn a little about color.  The new fall colors are delicious and I am ready to design.

I soon realized that I could not jump into every idea.  Each concept deserved attention and I remembered “one thing at a time”.  A schedule now has me focused and working a few hours a day and has left me time for me .  Color me excited!!!

How about you…a little food for thought!

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