Nature Inspired Jewelry Making and Design

Is it true that jewelry making and design is inspired by nature?   HMMMM!  Are there lessons to be learned from nature when designing jewelry.  While sitting at the beach enjoying the Florida weather it became clear to me how nature varies color.  In California the water is a deep blue-green while in Florida the water is that beautiful turquoise-…

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Jewelry Design and Jewelry Making Sparkle

I was in a Bead and Sip Shop and was looking around for jewelry design and jewelry making sparkle.  How do I add sparkle to my new jewelry design and jewelry making?  Immediately, I think crystal, but that has been done.  What other elements could I include in my jewelry design and jewelry making to add sparkle without overindulging? What…

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Handmade Jewelry Creations – Creativity Boutique

The handmade jewelry creations at the Creativity Boutique keeps coming to mind as I am sitting in my Florida room looking out at the lake, watching the wildlife and remembering the talent I saw. I returned from a trip to visit a friend who just happens to live in Arizona. Talk about natural beauty … wow! The sunrise, sunset and…

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How To Make Jewelry With Wire And Beads

We are here to show you how to make jewelry with wire and beads in the most artistic form. Excited? We are too! We create jewelry 24/7, and still having fun! Get ready to go with us on an amazing journey where you use your hands, your soul, and heart, to create perhaps your once-in-a-lifetime masterpiece! What inspires us as…

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