How To Make Jewelry With Wire And Beads

We are here to show you how to make jewelry with wire and beads in the most artistic form. Excited? We are too! We create jewelry 24/7, and still having fun! Get ready to go with us on an amazing journey where you use your hands, your soul, and heart, to create perhaps your once-in-a-lifetime masterpiece!

What inspires us as we begin our process in designing and creating with wire and beads …

We wake up every morning to see the tapestry that nature has allowed our eyes to see. The rainbow of colors that surround us empower our brain to motivate us in the greatest form of creativity. Color is the foundation of life’s beauty.

  • Think about gem and mineral colors ( aquamarine, turquoise, jade, amethyst etc)
  • Think about the seasons that make so many beautiful changes with nature as it guide.
  • The deserts, the mountains, the sky, the oceans, all contribute to jewelry designing with color.

Now we are ready and set to go to take on this new adventure.

5 Simple Steps: How To Make Jewelry With Wire And Beads

Step #1 Bead selection

Think about what inspires you and resonates with your inner soul. Think about what we have shared with you with nature’s beauty and color. Create your very own palette of colors that excite and fire up your creativity.

Step #2   Bead Placement

Hurray!  Now you are ready to kick back and start to be playful with your delicious bead selection 

Find a comfortable workspace where you will be able to use your measuring tape to layout the desired length for your project (either your bracelet or necklace).

When you are satisfied with the way you have laid out your beads you will now be able to go to the next step. If you are struggling to determine you pattern you can check out our Jewelry making kits that will make you creative life much simpler.

Step #3   String Beads on Wire

Keep wire on spool and pick up beads in pattern that you have laid out.

If you decide that you want more than one strand repeat the steps again for desired jewelry making.

Step #4   Finishing

Now you will make a loop and wire wrap around the base of the loop so you can add either a toggle or lobster claw closure.

Step #5  Wear Your Jewelry …

Now that you have completed steps 1 through 5, we are going to share more creative techniques with you so please join us so that you will be able to create many more stunning one of a kind jewelry masterpieces.

Here’s what is next…

  • We have created numerous one-of-a-kind designs as we construct how to make jewelry with wire and beads. Through many years of our knitting and crocheting and designing with fibers we have truly bumped up the ancient art of creating to a fantastic new level.
  • We have also designed crocheting, knitting, weaving, wrapping and artistic techniques with beads and wire as well.
  • In addition we have also mastered a very unique technique by knitting and crocheting with fine chain.
  • We are very grateful to be able to share our passion in creating.

New and awesome creations are at your fingertips!  Here we go and just in time for summer, lucky you!

Wire is one of our favorite mediums to use in designing as we can control the wire and the design.

That is our motto…

You control the wire, it does not control you!

Making jewelry with wire and beads is not for the faint of heart.

It requires practice, patience and the willingness to let go and create.  The ancient arts come into play as we use wire to knit, crochet, weave and more.  Check out our jewelry kits.

We know you are anxious to learn, and we are anxious to teach.

Knitting and crocheting with wire is a whole new ball game.  It is a completely different feeling from fiber.

At the beginning KIS (keep it simple) and practice, practice and practice some more.  

How To Make Jewelry With Wire And Beads:
Below is an Example of a Necklace Crocheted with Beads
Done with a Simple Stitch

Once you are comfortable with simplicity move on to more advanced stitches.  We will have some of those kits available shortly.

Wire weaving, wire wrapping and artistic wire art technique require some skill and you will need the basic tools, such as

  • round or needle nose pliers,
  • flat nose pliers,
  • wire cutter,
  • chain nose plier and
  • of course some knowledge of wire and gauges.  (The higher the gauge number, the finer the wire)

We suggest beginning with 20 gauge wire for practice.

It took us quite a while to be able to manipulate heavier wire (12-14 gauge) which is what we use for our bracelet designs as seen below.

As you can see wire art technique involves a little of wire wrapping, and wire weaving.

Think about pendants, earrings and necklaces as well. Check out our one-of-a-kind jewelry masterpieces and custom handmade jewelry.

Now that we have shared the basic steps of how to make jewelry with wire and beads, it is now your turn to let your creative mind take over so you can begin to explore your own jewelry journey.  You can do it too so go forth and create!!!

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