Custom handmade jewelry, wire design and art all together…three passions meet head on.  The creations are unique, beautiful and one of a kind.  As you view these creations you will see true artistry at work.

Two women holding up custom handmade jewelryBetty and Marla, co-founders of Artfully Your Creations have been creating custom handmade jewelry for a combined 45 years.

Both artisans are not only passionate about creating their own custom handmade jewelry, but they want to share their, passion, art, and talents with others to create their very own custom handmade jewelry.

USA flag with lettering made in the USA , jewelry making classes and jewelry kits by Artfully Your CreationsAt Artfully Your Creations we manipulate wire and chain to create amazing pieces.

Learn more about  Wire Knitting and Chain Knitting.

To assist you in making your own custom handmade Jewelry, Betty and Marla offer online jewelry making classes, Jewelry Making Kits, as well as in person Jewelry Making Workshops.

But if you are not the creative type and just want the finished piece,  you can own an original custom handmade jewelry piece created by Betty or Marla.

Each material that goes into a custom handmade piece is carefully and loving selected.  We guarantee no two pieces will be the same!


Learn to Make Your Own Jewelry

There are three ways you can learn to make your own custom handmade jewelry with Artfully Your Creations.

  1. Online Jewelry Classes
  2. Online Jewelry Classes & Jewelry Kits
  3. In Person Jewelry Workshops