chain knitted bracelet with stone closure, part of Betty's chain knitting kit

Chain Knitting – Why Not?

chain knitting silver bracelet

Chain knitting was a natural progression as we expanding our jewelry making creativity.  In all our many many years of knitting and designing beautiful knitwear we have taken this century old craft to another dimension.

When Betty and I partnered up and we sat down with our knitting needles in hand we both looked at each other and said “we are going to experiment with our knitting needles and put our yarn and fibers aside and start knitting with wire and all types of fine materials so we can create our beautiful jewelry collections. So we grabbed our very fine wire and started to knit with it. We found ourselves designing the most stunning knitted jewelry pieces.

“Feel the flow through your fingers, knitting with chain is like knitting with no other material you ever experienced before.” ~ Marla, the Creative Committee came to life

After much success we have been able to share this style of knitting to an unbelievable jewelry making experience. After many beautiful patterns that we designed with knitting with wire we took this skill to an even more exciting enchantment. We really decided to step out of the box and we started knitting with chain to create our real masterpiece one of a kind pieces.



We tried Chain Knitting with all different types of chains and we fell in love with the beauty and elegance of knitting with sterling silver chain.USA flag with lettering made in the USA , jewelry making classes and jewelry kits by Artfully Your Creations

We have created the most beautiful jewelry kits for you so that you to can create you very own artfully your creation. In our kit you will receive our step by step video that you will be able to feel secure enough to go at your very own pace to create your Artfully Your Creation masterpiece.

You will also receive our step by step easy to follow hand written patterns as well.

If gifted YOUR Artfully Your Creation will make a unique piece
to be remembered and treasured for many years ahead.

Artfully Your Creations offers a variety of chain knitting online jewelry classes and in-person jewelry workshops.


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