Fourteen Jewelry Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Posted by: | January 09, 2017 | Design Jewelry Design Wire

necklace guide for women who love life hacks, jewelry and jewelry making hacksJewelry hacks, so what’s new? I needed to know the definition of “hacks” (a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way) and then it all fell into place.

As I explored this topic I discovered so many old jewelry hacks that are still in use today.  Many were new to me, and that’s the ones I am sharing here.

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Handmade Holiday Gifts at the Artist Boutique

Posted by: | November 01, 2016 | Design

handmade holiday gifts, created at one of the creativity boutiques in the USALooking for handmade holiday gifts? The frenzy of holiday happiness is upon us again.  We are making those lists and checking them twice.  What can we do to spruce up our gift giving and avoid the same stores or the simple internet choices that ensnare you with bonus points or coupons.

This year I am stepping out of the box and
all will be surprised by my gifts. 


What Has The Artist Boutique To Do With Handmade Holiday Gifts?

Something new has arrived – the “Artist Boutique”. 

What is that you say? 

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Jewelry Quotes – Life Is Too Short To Wear Mass Produced Jewelry

Posted by: | October 03, 2016 | Design Trends

Betty and Marla, jewelry artists and jewelry making designers with Artfully Your Creations, holding up custom handmade jewelry, have fun with our jewelry quotesAs jewelry making designers, Marla and I love having lots of fun, reading jewelry quotes, working ojewelry quote, life is too short to wear mass produced jewelry. Choose handmalde.n your jewelry classes, jewelry kits, and lately the Zaney Chics who bring happiness, peace and love in this world! Why is jewelry so important in this world? I know I am making you think!  

Memories float into my my mind of playing “dress up” as a little girl.  My mother and aunt would give us the jewelry they no longer wore, along with hats, gloves and scarves.  We were busy for hours!

So, what does jewelry really do?  

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Step-by-Step Jewelry Making Idea: From Vision To Masterpiece

Posted by: | September 08, 2016 | Design Finishing Jewelry Design Techniques Trends

zaney pink, a wire sculpture, part of the Zaney Chics series, created from a jewelry making ideaWhoever said jewelry making design ideas come from mistakes and unbelievable places hit the nail on the head.  Step-by-Step Jewelry Making Idea – From Vision To Masterpiece” says it all!   Our Zaney Chics happened as an extension of our wire figurines which grew smaller and became pendants.  Add in wire, beads, gemstones, ribbon, metal and more and voila Zaney Chics.  

There really is an evolution to design!

As jewelry designers, we often have to think outside the box.  One of our favorite things is designing with wire as jewelry making material as it gives us the chance to express ourselves.

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Jewelry Making, Design, Architecture and Geometry

Posted by: | August 03, 2016 | Gemstones Jewelry Design Wire

Everyone wants to know the secret of jewelry making, design, architecture and geometry.  Are there really secrets or is it just what we see around us and like. Architecture and geometry easily lend themselves to jewelry making and design. How you wonder?

Look around at buildings, landscaping etc. Think about the elements of design…line, color, shape, value, and texture are the elements. These elements are a huge part of jewelry making and design. The shape of your design and the components used within your design creates significant visual impact. This element of design is often what people first notice when they see a piece of jewelry.


image of the Syndeyt Opera House, symbolizing the similarity between jewelry making and building design

Notice the curves and angles in the architecture.

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Jewelry Making Trends 2017

Posted by: | July 29, 2016 | Chain Crochet Design Free Form Gemstones Jewelry Design Knitting Pattern Sterling Silver Techniques Trends Wire

Jewelry Making Trends 2017 are looming on the horizon.  So, what does that mean, how do we find them and why are they important.  The fashion industry has been asking these questions forever.  Anyone care to venture a guess because I do not have the answers.

fashion week collage, describing the jewelry making trends 2017

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How To Make Jewelry With Wire And Beads

Posted by: | June 09, 2016 | Advanced Beads Beginners Design Finishing Gemstones Pattern Techniques Trends Wire

chain knitted bracelet with stone closure

We are here to show you how to make jewelry with wire and beads in the most artistic form. Excited? We are too! We create jewelry 24/7, and still having fun! Get ready to go with us on an amazing journey where you use your hands, your soul, and heart, to create perhaps your once-in-a-lifetime masterpiece!

What inspires us as we begin our process in designing and creating with wire and beads …

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